Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

After worrying about the rain we actually ended up having the most perfect day at the seaside. We had such fun at the Time and Tide Museum where we went back in time to find out about holidays in the past.
We found out about the Mods and Rockers and very much enjoyed dressing up and taking part in some Rock and Roll dancing. It was so much fun! We also had a chance to visit the seaside gallery, made flags, had fun taking pictures and even saw a real bathing machine.

The children were also taken back to Victorian times and they were fascinated to find out about the penny lick as well as the other artefacts from long ago. We looked at how the materials used for buckets and spades have changed and had our own walk along the prom!

Finally we finished with a Punch and Judy show. It was great fun and there were lots of giggles! We ended the day with play on the beach and jumped over some waves in the sea – one of our 100 memorable events. I think we brought back plenty of sand! Thank you to everyone who helped today, I am sure everyone will sleep well tonight! 

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