Weather reporters!

As part of our Geography work we have been learning about Australia. Today we found out more about the weather and climate. We found out that the weather is quite different depending on where in Australia you go. The children were also fascinated to find out that the seasons are opposite to ours. They had to work in groups using maps to find out about the weather at different times of the year. Then they produced their very own weather forecast report. This was good fun and some of children really excelled with their presentations.

Bedtime sharing evening

Thank you to everyone who came to the bedtime sharing evening. The children enjoyed their hot chocolate, biscuit and stories and all looked fabulous in their cosy pyjamas.

Dance festival

The children had a great time at the dance festival at Diss High School. The children were taught a dance routine choreographed by the students from the school. They even had the opportunity to perform in front of everyone on stage.