Posting our letters to Father Christmas

The children really enjoyed writing their letters to Father Christmas and also included lots of questions to ask Santa! Then we joined up with Rabbits class and walked to the local shop to post them. I wonder if we will receive a reply!

Making our own wheeled cars for Traction Man!

The children have been busy learning about how wheels work and also the function of the axle and the chassis. Next they designed their own vehicle for Traction Man and worked hard to draw and label their diagram. Then it was time to make it!  Everyone was very sensible with the saws and the glue gun. I will update the blog with the finished vehicles next week.

What great vehicles using Lego technics!

Fixing the wheels.....


Toasting Marshmallows

It was a soggy afternoon, but we all had fun toasting marshmallows and singing campfire songs. This is one of our 100 Memorable Events.

Writing instructions

We all got very sticky like Paddington making our own marmalade sandwiches! The children used this experience to help them write their own instructions. Here are a few pictures for you.