Welcome to Hedgehogs!

Welcome to Hedgehogs!

This week we have been retelling using actions and words as well as drawing a story map of The Three Little Pigs. Can you guess which part of the story were retelling in each picture?

I think the class look a bit wolfish. 

Picnics and Potatoes!

It has been a busy week! At the start of the week, we had an enjoyable day at Diss High School undertaking lots of fun sporting activities as part of the KS1 sporting picnic. Today, we also dug up our potatoes! This was a very exciting, and in total we counted 56 potatoes! We weighed them and as best we could divided them equally. This is also one of our 100 Memorable Events 'To eat something you have grown'. I hope you enjoy them!

Weighing and dividing them equally.

Releasing Butter & Fly!

The children have really enjoyed watching the process of our tiny caterpillars getting bigger and bigger! They observed closely how they formed their chrysalis, and finally the shrieks of excitement as they emerged as beautiful butterflies was just delightful. This was a truly memorable experience.

We aptly named our butterflies Butter and Fly! They were a little shy to begin with, so many of the children even got to hold them. It was lovely watching them fly off to find their new home with lots of smiles all round.

Seaside Rocks!

Rabbits and Hedgehogs all enjoyed a wonderful morning at the Time and Tide Museum where we learnt more about the seaside in the past. The children had great fun rock and roll dancing as Mods and Rockers, met a Victorian lady, and finished off with a Punch and Judy show. The beach this afternoon was also so much fun. The water was freezing, but we had fun dipping our toes in the sea. A wonderful day with some wonderful children!

Finally the Punch and Judy show...

Great fun building volcanoes, trenches, mermaids, tracks and of course sandcastles!

Dipping our toes in the sea...

More digging...