Puppet Show

This afternoon after completing our final test papers, we had a wonderful puppet show!

With the proceeds of our Bedtime Story reading afternoon, we were able to organise a special treat for Bumblebees, Rabbits and Hedgehogs. Thanks go to Mrs Sullivan for getting us all together for this. 

We watched the puppets perform a take on the story Jack and the Beanstalk. Then we were able to use some puppets to create stories of our own. We had lots of fun! 

Wind in the Willows

The whole school were lucky enough to have a visit from a theatre company yesterday who put on a performance of The Wind in the Willows. 

Some members of the audience were chosen to play a part in the show. See if you can spot them in the photos!

Fund raising

Today we had another visit from Duncan Slater who works for Walking with the Wounded. 

He talked to us all about his latest challenge in the Moroccan Desert. Although he found it very hard and on the first try didn't succeed, he tried again. 

This time he carefully prepared himself, he trained hard, he looked at the difficulties he may face and worked them out. With the help of his friends he completed the challenge! 

The school had raised some money for the charity and Duncan came to be presented with the cheque. 

It was inspiring to listen to his story of resilience. 

Well done to everyone who raised money for Walking for the Wounded. 


Our latest Design Technology project has just been completed! We had to investigate freestanding structures, design our own structure and make it. 

First we explored our surroundings by looking at how the playground structures are fixed, what they are made from and how they are made stable. 

We then faced some challenges to create our own stable structures with our groups using either lego, newspaper or lolly sticks. 

Once our investigations were over, we started to design and make our bugs with the aim of them being freestanding. 

Using newspaper, wire and modroc we create the bugs, finishing them today with bright colours, eyes and bobble feet. They all were able to stand on their own!