Non-chronological reports

We learnt about the key features of non-chronological reports and the children chose which significant nurse they would like to write their report about. 

Take a look...

Self Portraits

The children worked incredibly hard to sketch and paint their own self portraits. We spent a long time discussing proportion and the position of our facial features. The children also explored a range of painting techniques including colour mixing. 

I think they look fabulous - well done Hedgehogs!


The whole school have been celebrating Harvest Festival over the past week. We combined this with our artwork, and together we looked at the work of the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. The children created some wonderful faces using fruit and vegetables. Take a look...

Hedgehogs 2020-21

Welcome to Hedgehogs Class 2020-21

A warm welcome back to our class blog for this year. Here you can find examples of our wonderful learning and memorable events.  

We have had a very productive start to the new term, and it is lovely to be back together again. Please find below a few pictures of our classroom and also a snapshot of some of our recent work.

Best wishes to you all!

Mrs Lewis 

Our class!

Wizzy, Wise Old Owl and the Quiet Critters are still a very welcome addition! 

In RHE, we talked about wellbeing and the importance of maintaining good mental health. We discussed what we could add to our 'Positive Emotion Potion' to make sure we have both healthy bodies and healthy minds. The children thought of some lovely example of what makes them happy and how we can look after ourselves. 

Nurturing Nurses
We have learnt about three significant nurses - Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. Several children have even chosen to take home the non-fiction text about them for their reading book, so they can learn more about them - fantastic!

An example of a diary entry in the role of Edith Cavell.

Comparing the hospital in Scutari before and after Florence Nightingale.

We learnt about the famous artist Pablo Picasso and looked at different examples of his work. The children worked really hard to create their own Picasso head using digital media; they also created their own portraits in the style of Picasso using both pens and collage.