Traction Man is here!

We are reading Traction Man in class and are very much enjoying it.  It is very funny.  Today, Mrs Savage made a pretend sink inspired by the story and added jelly, spaghetti, washing up liquid, water and orange pieces to it.  It looked very odd but smelt delicious! 

We all had a go at putting our hands in the sink.  Then we thought of adjectives to describe what it felt like.  We thought of loads!  We than had to make expanded noun phrases out of them.

It was a very enjoyable experience.

Memorable Event: Toasting marshmallows

We had a lovely afternoon on Tuesday eating toasted marshmallows outside.  We ventured out despite the appalling weather.  Unfortunately we couldn't toast them ourselves.  It was so windy, the flames kept moving around and we wouldn't have been safe.  When the wind was calmer, a few of us were able to toast our own.  They were delicious!  So gooey and yummy.  We enjoyed this experience a lot!

Building Houses for the Three Little Pigs

We built house for the Threes Little Pigs in lots of different materials.  We tested marshmallows, paper, wood, lego, cotton wool and wooden lolly sticks.  We were amazed that marshmallows were actually waterproof!  It was very surprising that the cotton wool held most of the water and didn't let any into the house.  It certainly wasn't surprising that the hair dryer blew the paper, marshmallows and the cotton wool balls away.

We decided that the best materials to make a house for the Three Little Pigs would be either the lego or the wood as they were both strong and waterproof.

We decided it would be fun to live in a marshmallow house as we could eat the marshmallows!

(Thanks to Lily for being a fantastic photographer!)