Australia Day!

Here is a little taste of our Australia Day!

We dressed up, made anzac biscuits, decorated a huge Aboriginal totem pole and finished off the day with smoothies and dancing to Kylie Minogue! A very fun end to a busy half term.

Mmmmm smoothies!

Anzac biscuits

Rocking out to Kylie Minogue! 

Kylie & Danni! 

Aboriginal inspired pictures

We have been learning about Aboriginal dot painting and have been looking at Aboriginal art paintings and how they are created by a series of dots.  This week we designed an Australian animal using just dots then had fun using the other end of a paintbrush to recreate our design on coloured paper.  Here are some photos of us in action!

Creating Roald Dahl biographies

This week we have been researching facts about Roald Dahl ready to create our non-chronological reports next week.  We worked together in three's and four's and used the iPads to search for facts.  We wrote the facts in our jotters as clauses and then practiced joining clauses together with conjunctions to create interesting sentences for our report readers!  Here are some photos of us in action!

Flying to Australia

Flying to Australia

On Thursday 9th January, we set up a live link to Australia . We asked lots of interesting questions to Mrs Lewis' nephew Eddy (who lives in Melbourne). We found out that he has seen kangaroos in his garden and there are quite a few spiders on his house wall. We found out about the climate, schools and other wildlife. 

Hedgehogs boarded flight H2 to Sydney ably assisted by two flight attendants Mrs Lewis and Ms Paterson. 

Then it was time to board our flight to Australia. We of course needed our passports and boarding passes.

   Take off...

 Safety briefing...

It's a long flight to Australia!

Time for an in-flight meal.

Then it was the in-flight movie.

Finally, it was time to land in Sydney. 

 We are all looking forward to our Australian adventures.