Great Fire of London paintings

The children have produced some lovely artwork. We explored colour mixing to create different tones to make it look like fire. Many children also explored different brush strokes. Stage two involved carefully drawing and cutting our their own silhouette. Take a look for yourself. I think you will agree their artwork looks fabulous!


Our own three peaks challenge.

In support of Mr Kenyon who is completing the three peaks challenge the whole school embarked on their own challenges. At each 'peak' the children had to undertake a series of physical challenges. We talked about how when the challenges got tough we would have to be resilient and persevere just like Ollie.

Tudor house sketching

What budding artists we have this year in Hedgehogs! This afternoon we compared houses of today with houses that existed around the time of the Great Fire of London. The children used pictures of buildings to help them sketch their own pictures. They used a range of sketching pencils and shading techniques.

Little Red Hen

Today we began learning the story 'The Little Red Hen'. The children picked up the actions and the story really quickly and were confident at retelling the story verbally by the end of the lesson. I look forward to reading their written versions later in the week. Here are some photos of them acting out the story. Maybe they can retell you the story at home.