Bressingham has got talent!

It was lovely to see so many children from Hedgehogs class taking part in the talent competition. Here are a few pictures of the auditions.

Brooke and her sister dancing. 

Hope and Olivia singing Santa Claus is coming to town.

 Alice skipping

Charlotte and Lily-Rose singing.

Brooke and Bethany dancing.

The audition audience

What stars we are!

The children looked wonderful in their costumes and the play was a huge success. This is also one of our 100 memorable events - to take part in a public performance. Here is a few pictures of the Hedgehogs stars!

We love doing experiments!

This week we began our science work on absorbency. I gave the children a mystery power (magic snow) and they had to measure and pour in 100ml of water. They were fascinated to see how the powder absorbed the liquid and multiplied in size. We then discussed what other items we know that are absorbent. We discussed items such as towels, sponges and nappies. Then we conducted an experiment to see which brand of kitchen towel was the most absorbent. We made sure we were conducting a fair test and also made predictions. 

Multicultural Playground Games

Each class enjoyed a fun session with Mr Massey this morning, learning various playground games from around the world. Our class learnt a game from Poland, one from India and also tried our hand at French skipping. We found out that French skipping actually originates from China. I am sure the children will enjoy playing these games much more during playtimes in the future. 



We have been continuing our work on Diwali and made diva lamps from clay. This had great links to our recent science work on materials as we had to do lots of squashing, rolling and sculpting with the clay. The children are looking forward to painting them soon.