Surprise visitors

Some surprise visitors came to Hedgehogs class today and they brought some interesting things with them!

Two firemen and a fire engine arrived to tell us about fire safety in our homes and the hard job that they do every day. 

It was surprising to discover what firemen get called out to do other than fighting fires. 

We learnt what the best thing to do is if there is a fire in our house.
You should alert your family, leave the house (crawling on the floor if it is smoky) and then call the emergency services. 
Do you have a smoke alarm? 

Can you remember when to 'stop, drop and roll'?
 Looking at the fire engine and all the equipment that is used was great fun.

Then we all had a go at using a very powerful hose. If only they had these in 1666! 

Keeping fit!

Today we got the chance to have an extra PE lesson with a coach from Norwich FC. 

We played some warm up games using footballs and a game of running from the sharks to the safety of the island. 

Our partner work of dribbling the ball to each other showed some great teamwork. Norwich City footballers in the making! 

The rip test!

Today we conducted an experiment to test how strong different materials are. The children made sensible predictions and thoroughly enjoyed ripping their pieces of material to perform the test!

Afterwards we discussed why some of our results were different. Many of the children contributed some excellent suggestions and together we realised that the force applied to the material needs to be the same in order to compare the results.

Fire Fire!

Our learning today has taken us back in time once again to the events of the Great Fire of London. 

We learnt how and where the fire started and discovered why it spread so quickly and didn't stop burning for 5 days.

In art we have started to create pictures of the Great Fire. Mixing paints carefully to create the right effect for the fire was the challenge today. 

Keep posted to see how this piece of art develops over the next couple of weeks.