Aboriginal Art

The children have been exploring Aboriginal dot paintings. We looked at lots of of different examples and practised using different colours and patterns. The children worked very hard to create their final design with many children really thinking carefully about producing a symmetrical pattern. A great deal of thought went into the colours they chose and they spoke positively and constructively when evaluating their work.

Here are a few of the finished boomerangs. I think you will agree the results are amazing! Please do pop in and see them all on display.


Today we flew to Australia! We found out basic facts about the country and created a factfile detailing information such as the capital city, currency and population. We found out how Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for tens of thousands of years - long before people from other parts of the world discovered it. We found out many facts about Aboriginal culture and made the most fantastic Aboriginal totem poles, painted the Aboriginal flag and made story stones using Aboriginal symbols. It has been an interesting and fun start to the new term.

 All aboard the plane!

                     This was also one of our memorable events - To make a model bigger than us!