Modroc bugs

The children loved making their animal playground structures using newspaper, modroc and florist wire. Check out some of the creations below they look spectacular!

Knickerbocker glories!

The children had great fun planning and making their own knickerbocker glories. They followed recipes and learnt how to peel and cut the fruit safely. Then of course they all really enjoyed eating them!


Today we planted sunflower seeds and found out what plants need to grow and survive. We also set up an experiment to test this as you can see from the pictures below.

This is also one of our 100 Memorable Events - To grow and tend to plants.

Absorbency experiment

We conducted an experiment using celery and coloured water. The children made their predictions to what they thought would happen. Many were fascinated to see how the celery absorbed the water and how the water travelled up the stem. After 24 hours the celery stalk and leaves had turned red.