Merry Christmas everyone!

Nativity on Film

The children really enjoyed writing and filming their very own production. It has been wonderful to hear so many positive comments about this and I hope you all enjoyed watching it at home. They worked so well together and we had so much fun along the way! If you haven't seen it then please follow the link that was sent via Parentmail.

Here are a few action shots...

Toys from the Past

In history, we started our new unit about Toys in the Past. The children drew and wrote about their favourite toy; they included what they like about it, the material it is made from and how it functions. We made comparisons between their favourite toys and toys from the past. 

Mrs Key and I also shared some of our own childhood toys. Mrs Grottick also very kindly brought in a whole selection of the toys she used to play with. The children were fascinated to look at her old toys and asked her lots of interesting questions. 

We sent an email out to the other teachers in the school to ask what they used to enjoy playing with. It was great for the children to experience the real artefacts and they gained so much from this. 

We also learnt more about Victorian toys and compared these to toys from later time periods. The children really enjoyed making and playing with their own cup and ball!

Dips and Dippers!

Our DT project this term is to design, make and evaulate a dip. After having fun tasting the dips last week, we moved on to learning three safe cutting techniques; the bridge, the claw and the fork secure. The children also learnt more about food hygiene and designed their own posters. They have also designed their own healthy dip which they will be making next week. Here are a few action shots...