Pirate Day!

We enjoyed an action packed Monday with lots of fun pirate activities. Everyone looked fabulous in their pirate costumes, and a great day was had by all. In the morning, we used mash cams and introduced our pirate name and skills; maths brought a fun pirate treasure hunt where they had to solve arithmetic questions and crack the code.

After lunch, the children enjoyed activities outdoors using PE equipment to walk the plank and fire cannons! Finally, we finished the day by drinking pirate grog (squash!), eating hardtack biscuits and dancing to sea shanties in the beautiful sunshine! A wonderful day that the children have enjoyed writing about this week too. 


The class have really enjoyed our Castles topic, especially our most recent DT unit! They designed, made and evaluated their wonderful model castles. The children learnt and used a range of skills and showed great resilience when faced with some of the more difficult mechanisms such as the drawbridge. A really fun, creative week.

Take a look at their spectacular castles, all with a working drawbridge and portcullis!